FATE 1.21

The classic role playing game for Windows that features whimsical graphics and fun intuitive combat

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Trial version
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    7.4 (1095)

Destiny is a fickle fiend in FATE, which chronicles a boy's journey to amass accolades in a medieval era cursed with strife. Magic spells run amok, and dark secrets lurk within every corridor.

The game follows a cocky kid that has all the characteristics of a budding warlord. There is nothing mild-mannered about the star character. He is the perfect blend of rowdy and rambunctious. His legendary quest for providence begins in the whimsical forest town known as Grove. This spot is marked for the mysteries of FATE to be unveiled.

A dangerous journey through the outskirts of Old Wood leads to the mythical Dungeon Gate. The iron castle holds all the clues for the hero's journey. This interactive world is complete with talkative townsfolk that illuminate the path of destiny for gamers.

One of the most unique elements of this title is the quirky inclusion of an animal sidekick. Players can choose one of two fuzzy companions. They can pick between a Jack Russel Terrier or a wily house cat. These faithful furry fiends protect players from the unexpected dangers that await their every move.

This release is compatible with all Windows platforms through XP. In essence, this game is a family friendly incarnation of Diablo or Baldur's Gate. The ladies are all dressed modestly, so gamers looking for scantily clad vixens will have to look somewhere else. It is a great game for kids that want an introduction to RPG gaming. There are plenty of spells to master and items to collect. Every mission adds up to generate a path to fame and fortune.

During the romp, players are given a delightful overhead view of a vibrant 3D universe. There are plenty of side quests to pass the time. In fact, fishing is particularly peaceful and engaging. Maps in this game are overly simplified. Most areas only show relationships between the main character and enemies, which makes determining certain boundaries difficult down the line.

Installation is quick and easy, but kids may still need parental help getting their copy of FATE in motion. Once activated, navigating the menus is a breeze. The game's logo is conspicuous, and it stays in view most of the time. There will be no forgetting the name of this game when the title is affixed in the top left corner of the screen. This can obscure crucial parts of the present environment, which is unfortunately unavoidable.

Still, this title is riveting and adorable. It packs all the fun of a mature RPG in a bundle that is age appropriate for children. The cutesy designs make sure that no one will be offended by this monumental adventure. Ultimately, this epic quest is surprisingly addictive!


  • Family friendly RPG
  • Easy to use overhead angles
  • Clever pet functions


  • Only the trial version is available for free
  • The logo covers important on-screen elements
  • Too clean for mature gamers

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